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We are specialized in white natts & white diamonds in small sizes and various qualities like VS,SI,I1,I2,I3,PK etc. Click to read more.

Our Products

We at JK star take immense pleasure and pride in manufacturing world class diamonds that are made of the highest quality parameters.

Sieves Sizes

+000 -2 (0.003 -0.008 cts.)
+6.50 - 8 (0.025 - 0.035 cts.)
+11 , +14 etc..

+2 - 6.50 ( 0.009 - 0.021 cts. )
+8 - 11 ( 0.039 - 0.079 cts)
1 ⁄ 5, 1 ⁄ 4, 1 ⁄ 3, 3 ⁄ 8 etc.

Our Aims and Achievements

JK Star, your one stop solution of all your diamond needs.

We promote ethical practices

While diamond making has over the years developed a rather notorious reputation, we at JK star have constantly ensured and maintained that all are practices right from the mining our highly ethical. We do not encourage and promote any untoward elements.

Best in class equipments and processes

Our equipments are highly precise and effective in making some of the world’s best diamonds. We pay careful attention to details and therefore our diamond quality speaks for itself.

Diamonds are dazzling white and synonymous with being the most precious stone. Diamonds have piqued the interest of every sect and society for over the years and will continue to do so over time. We at JK star strive to have the most well established supply of diamonds to those who need them. Our diamonds are as precious as you have always hoped for. They are here to stand the test of time just like your love.

Jk Star, a company established in the year 1993, with a zeal and zest to strive and carve a name of themselves have now gone on to become one of the pioneers of the industry. We want our clients to have their diamond searching experience as elated as they always wanted it to be. Owning a diamond isn’t the simplest of task, for many it’s almost a farfetched dream. We are here to help them by providing our faithful clients with diamonds of the best quality.

Customized Diamond Sieves Sizes!

You can get customized diamond sieves sizes as per requirements. We are dedicated to serve our customers.